Angličtina, čtvrťáci a páťáci, 4. 5. – 7. 5.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

This week you’re going to play a game, listen to a song and watch your Voki videos. Let’s start.

First, play this game. Well, it’s a few games in one, actually. But it’s an old thing.

Done? Good.

Now, listen to this song. It’s about Goldilocks. Goldilocks is a girl. One day she goes to the forest and she comes to a house. It’s a bear family’s house. Bears are very dangerous…

Goldilocks was a naughty little girl (=zlobivá holka) who went into the woods and walked into the house of the three bears while they were out. She tried their bowls of porridge (=ovesná kaše). One was too hot (=příliš horká), one was too cold (=příliš studená) and one was just right (=tak akorát). She tried their chairs. One was too hard, one was too soft and one was just right. She tried their beds. One was too hard, one was too soft and one was just right and she fell asleep. The three bears came back and saw that their porridge had been eaten, their chairs had been sat in and their beds had been slept in. They found Goldilocks asleep and frightened her and she ran all the way home.

big = velký, small = malý, tiny (čti „tajny“) = mrňavý

The song is very is easy. And this is your task for this week. Takže teď tu pro vás mám úkol na tento týden. Chtěl bych, abyste každý napsal(a) dvě nové sloky pro tuhle písničku. When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears, co viděly její modré oči, what did her blue eyes see? Co tam tak mohla vidět? Pište do Padletu. Těším se na your crazy ideas. 🙂

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And these are your Vokis. Well done!

Sam’s skeleton

Agatha’s dog

Michael’s lion

Princess Julia


And this is the Padlet where you write about jobs. Nice! Thank you. A přeju vám, aby se vám vaše sny vyplnily. Have a great time. Bye. Michal

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